Who am I

Who am I?

Hey 🙂

I’m Kirprenses Gülshen from Germany, with really deep Roots in beautiful Turkey.

thank you for commin’ by and showing some Love,
Keep on reading if your Frequency is above.

I really love writin’ Songs and Poetry,
in German, English and Turkish constantly. 

Is there still something you are missing?
Curious? Scroll down and listen.

My Musical Roots are based in HipHop,
Blues, Soul, Funk and Jazz,

Psychedelic Turk Rock and Spiritual Music
from the holy Land Horasan that still do last. 

Through this in my Mind, in my Soul is a big Cage,
Epigenetically given to me by Rage.

Some call it Karma, some Faith,
some call it a Sword some a Blade.

 I only know I started playing the Guitar a little bit too late,
The E-Bass is now my best Friend I couldn’t wait.

I did my first Vocals on  an Event called “House meets Jazz”
I never knew why it was me they had?

Back then though I decided rather to break,
just rock Cyphers, only sing at Home for my holy Sake.

Travelling around was back then my Core,
Battling, Judging Breaking in Cyphers of War.

So doin’ Art is something naturally for me,
I hear a Word and write and sing some Poetry,
this is and was really my only Sanity,
to get back and have a clear mind instantly.

Besides that I am kinda a Yoga-“Ambassador”,
having some good Projects here and there,
is why I am doin this ish for,

Take the Fame I take the Rest.

Peace and ONE LOVE.